Kao Odajima

25 yrs old



-Sustainable Cities and Communities


-Ten years ago, I was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in Miyagi prefecture.

 Until now, I thought that I knew the value of ordinary life, but I felt the true meaning only when I couldn't live a traditional life due to the earthquake. rice field.


 From this experience, cherish things.

 I have consciously tried to use what can be used for a long time, use it repeatedly, and reuse it as much as possible.

 These are behaviors that can be changed by one consciousness, but it may be difficult for many people to be aware of them without actually experiencing them.

 I also thought that taking preventive measures on our own could reduce the impact.


 I think that each person will surely approach the realization of the goal by changing their consciousness to their own affairs rather than other people's affairs.


  The activities I introduce in the eco-video videos are not difficult and are eco-activities that anyone can get close to.

 Eco is the norm, and each and every one of them creates a happy loop on a global scale.

 While you are proud of that,

 I made a video with the hope that I could carry out eco activities as part of my lifestyle.

 Thank you for reading until the end.